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Its mascot is the Knight. Students are involved in entrepreneurial and industrial work. Students who complete the programs are eligible to take the TESDA National Certificate examinations for the qualifications embedded in each program. Alvarez Technology Complex in the Manresa campus. Presently, it is gearing to be the home of the Technical-Vocational track of the senior high school. Library[ edit ] The University Libraries counts 14 libraries and sections in its system. Its main purpose is to use group purchasing power, as for licensing digital resources and to purchase a common library system for all members when resources become available; to provide access to and share information resources held across all the member libraries; to provide support and training for its members; and to share best practices in providing information services to its users. The American Corner has been active and effective in providing current and useful information including but not limited to education, economics, management, business, American studies, literature, English teaching, English language, politics, law, and democratic societies. The aim is to allow participating libraries to share resources on-line and provide better access to the shared collection at lower cost; to upgrade the professional and personal competencies of its members; to share information on professional issues, best practices, and appropriate technical services. The library is also a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions , the global voice of the library and information profession and the facilitator of cooperation.

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Oct 17,  · Page CAGAYAN DE ORO | Projects & Construction City/Metro Compilations forums map | DMCA | news magazine | posting wiping out a Spanish settlement dating back to What remained are the moss and vine-covered stone walls, belfry and convent as a lasting memorial to its Spanish era. first place winner Eliud Kering and second place.

Huluga which is part of Taguanao, Barangay Indahag, is the location of an archaeological site where the oldest historical find so far in Mindanao was dug up. Glass beads, a native spoon, a pendant, a bracelet, stone tools, an ax tip and pieces of iron were also unearthed inside the cave. Another cave adjacent to the first yielded ancient metal tools and household utensils. Originally, Cagayan de Oro was called Kalambagohan, a name derived from Lambago, a tree species that abundantly grew along the riverbanks.

Other tales Another tale, though not included in Illustrated Folktales, claims that the aborigines of Kalambagohan were Bukidnons who evacuated to safer grounds after Maguin-danaoans, a rival tribe from Lanao, stormed their village some time in the late 16th century. Historically, the Sampornas who became the ruling families in Cagayha-an were given the family name of Neri around when Rev. Pedro de Santa Barbara baptized his Filipino converts.

According to Bernad, Cagayan was derived from the word kagay which simply means river or a place by the river. The introduction of Islam in the Philippines dates no further back than when the Arabian scholar Mudum arrived in Sulu from the Malay Peninsula to preach the doctrines of Mohammed. But there is compelling evidence that people, much more ancient than the characters in the legends, have been in Cagayan de Oro longer than what has been written in the history books.

The discovery of a skull cap and a portion of a jaw in a Palawan cave shows positive proof that man was in the Philippines at least as early as 21, or 22, years ago.

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Any day of the week 1st Trip: What to wear and bring? Adventures lined up for this park includes rappel and zip-line across trees a hundred feet above ground. If we still have time we can probably drop by the Mapawa Nature Park which is ideal for horseback riding, biking, zipline and nature trekking.

Traveling In The Philippines. Most people stop by Southeast Asia to discover the stunning tropical beach locations, to lie back on white sand, bathe in translucent seas and freque.

Walked into the place one morning recently to do some recon. I’ve walked right by this place its on a cross-street to Limketkai Avenue multiple times on my early morning strolls, and simply did not notice the large script letters MS on the side of the building. The rates sheet at the front desk shows about 9 different types of rooms confusing: Asked to see a Deluxe room p , and the hot receptionist and a door guy showed me up in the elevator.

Before the lift arrived I remembered to ask about the pool. We are making it better for the customers”. When do you plan to see it operational? Up we went, and they showed me a relatively run-down room with one full-size bed relatively thin and one twin size bed. The window shows a slum outside hey, its CDO.

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Participants to the two-day conference include international players like foreign shipping industries also attended the two-day confab with delegations from the shippers, shipping lines, cargo forwarders, service providers, and representatives from private sector and government agencies. Rodriguez who welcomed hundred participants said several infrastructures were expected to be built in key places in Mindanao to fast track its economic development.

Rodriguez said, like the ongoing infra-projects he started in Cagayan de Oro early this year it would be of big help if the plan fully materialized. In Cagayan de Oro, he said the approval of an overpass to be built in Barangay Puerto worth P million will help the land cargoes from Bukidnon to Cagayan de Oro. Key to Fast Track its Economic Development. Mindanao is yet to have an integrated logistics and transportation plan, he said.

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A sacred Christian celebration before Easter, signifying the end of the Lenten season and the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ, the Holy week was supposedly seen as a week of reflection and penitence on the sins that one has committed, but millennials of Cagayan de Oro are proving themselves to be extraordinarily ignorant of such a sacred time. Panaad is the practice that locals of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro uphold annually.

It is the commemoration and reenactment of the suffering of Jesus Christ by walking and praying for kilometers through the Stations of the Cross. With the expectations that people would feel sorrowful and regretful for their sins, the locals were disappointed for the millennials were instead shouting, cussing and extensively displaying public affection, inconsiderate and uncivilized acts during a holy time for all Christians.

The Undevotees Photo credit: Some devotees were disappointed for they were unable to visit to Chapel at the last station due to the huge number of misplaced millennials. There was people everywhere, some even opted to rest on card board. At night, the camping grounds around the Stations of the Cross were filled with groups of hyper active individuals who were purposely shouting at each other for attention, screaming disgusting, lewd or disrespectful phrases to gather recognition by their own group.

Stations of the Dumpsite If you thought that the night was horrible, imagine waking up to a Holy land of trash. The entire camping ground was covered in plastics, tetra packs, tin foils and other garbage that millennials most probably just irresponsibly left. Not even the road was safe from such a horrible mess!

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Photo credits from cbcabalza collection Archaeologists discovered that the first plantation of palay rice in the Philippines found in early agricultural town of Tuguegarao. Perhaps, this gives me an impressive idea that this bountiful land is indeed majestic in nature and rich in history. The place is gifted with cool, educated, multilingual, and smart group of people who knows how to party! This is my partial list of the best of the best in my hometown: Tour de Tugue de Cagayan!

The city is an ideal place to build resorts, retirement subdivisions, and mass housing. Commercial complexes are needed considering the large population and the influx of tourists. The eastern mountainous areas can be developed as upland demonstration farms for bamboo, fruit and vegetable plantations. Tourist Spots.

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A problem, however, is the extent to which those kinds of geographical interests will overlap between guys of similar interests. My early reconnaissance trip to the Phils will probably be two months in February and March. Then my second reconnaissance trip will probably be about months starting in about August. Thereafter, I would probably, into perpetuity continue to have trips of months in length. Initially, I am considering Manila, Cebu and Davao, at least for the potential of establishing a base location; however, at this point, I am NOT sure yet about how much I would want to stay in one location for too long.

I was thinking possibly a month or two in each location and just keep rotating locations, including rotating out of the Phils to other inexpensive SEA locations. However, it may be better to NOT live out of a suitcase, and establish more of a base to have a few more extensive items beyond the 25 kilos or whatever that is allowed for travelling.

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The native people from this northern part of the island are from various tribes and they have some kind of an open air village-museum including a hotel to show them. There is a handicrafts markets, some bars and nightclubs and a couple of hotels. Festivals always draw the crowd and there is the Kagayan Festival every last week of August which does exactly that.

The festival show history and activities of the of the Manobo tribe, the natives. See the Cagayan de Oro travel map and as it is visible there are not many roads around because of the rough terrain with steep slopes which produce mainy waterfalls and the rivers people go rafting in. At the road from there to Davao in the south are several great nature spots with ethnic festivals and plenty of forests and lakes.

There is a wealth of information here to make your nightly activities far more productive, naughty & fun! Most of the bars here are foreign owned, but the quality and experience of each can be VERY different.

Economy[ edit ] Agriculture and fishery remains to be the main backbone of Ilagan’s economy. There are almost 23, hectares that are basically cultivated land and hectares are utilized for fish culture. However, the suitable farm area of Ilagan is 32, This figure shows that a significant percentage Commerce and trade is the second economic based income of the people of Ilagan. In the year , statistics showed that there are currently 1, registered business establishments.


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